Luvly Laady Preview 3

This'll be the last preview as I'll post it on EB soonish.

Here's some interior and detail shots.

The Luvly Laady Preview 2

In this image I was experimenting with long exposures, around 10 seconds in this case. I was trying to make the lights more dominant. I succeeded there, but the rest is a bit grainy as a result. I still like the shot though.

The Luvly Laady Preview

The MOC isn't finished, but it's for a contest on Eurobricks so I'm out of time. More soon...

Secret sub-editor

The first panel was going to be this...

..but my secret sub-editor felt the "into" part was confusing and/or generally wrong. I think the whole comic is rather confusing it its semi-finished state, but I took the advice and changed it anyway.

Comic 1, preview 3

I never got around to posting this, but here it is just the same!

De-Classic-Space Comic Preview 2

I have a second picture!

This one didn't take as long as the first. Annoyingly I just noticed that I forgot to re-enable all the layers... but it's only meant as a test/preview so I'll get over it!

De-Classic-Space Comic Preview 1

As a test I created this image today.

I did it with GIMP and I'm decently happy with it. I've never done any image work like this before so it was all very hit and miss. I need to do another 20 or so images for the full intro "story", but I'll probably post something after the first five are ready. (This'll probably be one of the first.)

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