Review: Final Fantasy XIII

N.B. This is a fanboy perspective, and in part it's a rebuttal to some of the negative Final Fantasy XIII reviews out there. I've tried to keep it free of major spoilers, but as a review it's hard to avoid minor spoilers. Also, I took the screenshots with a camera, so I they aren't the best representation of how the game looks.




Uncharted 2 Glitch

I was playing Uncharted 2 a while back and while I was in the Monastery level, this happened;

Uncharted 2 glitch 1
These things are so freaky. I was busy minding my own business and these guys threw a grenade at me. I hid behind a nearby shield and I suspect that caused the problem. I must have been forced back and instead of hitting a wall I fell over an "edge".


Harsh discipline in Metal Gear Solid 4?

Originally posted on the ACAPsoft forum, 12 Mar 2009

I was playing Metal Gear Solid 4 the other day (for the third time...) and I saw something moving. Here is an in-game photo...

...and close-up.


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