Desperate MOC

I'm still on the road at the moment, and I've been missing my LEGO. However all is not lost. Some pieces I missed while packing and I have them with me. I used them all in this MOC.

What it actually is I can't say. It's all rather sad though...


...I'll be back!

But it won't be soon. It became clear to me last weekend that I was out of time, and highlighting the point, it took me several days to get around to posting here to say so! I'm moving in 12 days so finishing several MOCs, photographing them, and then editing the photos will take way too long and wouldn't be smart. I still have loads and loads of LEGO to pack (I'm photographing and sorting as I go) so it looks like this'll have to wait.

I'm not really surprised though; afterall, it's why I posted half a comic in the first place. But sometimes I like to be wrong...

Secret sub-editor

The first panel was going to be this...

..but my secret sub-editor felt the "into" part was confusing and/or generally wrong. I think the whole comic is rather confusing it its semi-finished state, but I took the advice and changed it anyway.

Comic 1, preview 3

I never got around to posting this, but here it is just the same!

Comic 1a sorta finished!

Yes! I've made the required 6 panels which gives it a vague ending. Hopefully I'll have time for a few more before the move...

(The comic is on the front page.)


As mentioned earlier, I'm going to make an in-universe encyclopedia to go with the comic, and the first part is ready! The main index is here. All that's there at the moment is a few detail entries explaining some brief universe backgrounds.

De-Classic-Space Comic Preview 2

I have a second picture!

This one didn't take as long as the first. Annoyingly I just noticed that I forgot to re-enable all the layers... but it's only meant as a test/preview so I'll get over it!

De-Classic-Space Comic Preview 1

As a test I created this image today.

I did it with GIMP and I'm decently happy with it. I've never done any image work like this before so it was all very hit and miss. I need to do another 20 or so images for the full intro "story", but I'll probably post something after the first five are ready. (This'll probably be one of the first.)


I've been talking about making this for a while, and at last I have... sorta. First off, the name. The secondary reason will be explained in time in my comic (more on that later), but I must confess that the primary reason is that it's a subtle jibe at the never-ending stream of "Classic" LEGO sites. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em I suppose!



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