When one Bulldozer loves another Bulldozer very much

Bulldozer Family Front
I was out today and I found a family of wild Bulldozers in their natural element... and look; they have a little one!

Bulldozer Family Side
Normally they are quite shy of humans so I took the chance to get some photos. Pulitzer prize for me?


Arealight Twi'lek Quasi Review

I recently bought some Arealight Twi'leks and I thought I'd share some quick photos of them!

CONTEST: Whack-a-Fig II - Revenge Of The Whacker

In the time before time there was the Whack-A-Fig contest... and here is the long promised sequel! For years Hinckley has been traumatised by memories of this walrus wedgie wiener whack incident...

walrus wedgie wiener whack
...and today his revenge will be complete.


Fish and LEGO

Prior to coming out of the closet I used any excuse I could to build "needed" stuff out of LEGO. A breast pump was one... and fish tank decorations was another. This was back in 2004 and I had got into fish keeping (it's a long sad story) so...

Clean Tank!
..while the tank was stabilising I made some decorations. Note for one how lame they are (it was my childhood LEGO, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!), and secondly how clean they are. Fast forward just three months...


Keyrings Off!

Here's how to convert a Rock Monster keyring to just a Rock Monster. Grasp the keyring firmly and pull! You expected more? OK...

The Luvly Laady

I at last got around to adding the page for The Luvly Laady. Also, Classic-Pirates were kind enough to blog the Luvly Laady too!

Voting is going on now, but being a Sci-Fi MOC in a Pirate Forum I don't rate my chances too high! (I don't go too well in contests actually... maybe I should get a new hobby?)

Keyrings On!

I received a new order from S@H today and among other things (including the Imperial Flagship) I also got a free Atlantis key ring. It's good timing too as... old one is looking worse for wear. I'll have to try and clean up the poor little guy. I'm even considering getting some paint...


Luvly Laady Preview 3

This'll be the last preview as I'll post it on EB soonish.

Here's some interior and detail shots.

The Luvly Laady Preview 2

In this image I was experimenting with long exposures, around 10 seconds in this case. I was trying to make the lights more dominant. I succeeded there, but the rest is a bit grainy as a result. I still like the shot though.

The Luvly Laady Preview

The MOC isn't finished, but it's for a contest on Eurobricks so I'm out of time. More soon...


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