Review: 2067 Evo 2.0 Evolved Bulk?

Set Index: Evo 2.0

I see (Nathan) Evo as the replacement for Dunkan Bulk. Time will tell if he returns or not to prove me wrong! In any case he looks manly in his canister shot.

Review: 2068 Nex 2.0 The Nex best thing?

Set Index: Nex 2.0

I see (Julius) Nex as the replacement for Jimi Stringer. In any case... Nex 2.0? Where's the 1.0?! He's got a nice cannister though, and those ships in the background makes me hope that TLG experiment with a system crossover line.

Zorro Tribute

Fellow Eurobricks staff members, I Scream Clone and TheBrickster, have made a nice memorial MOC for Zorro, an EB staff member, and a good friend of mine, who died recently.

Zorro Tribute

You'll be very missed.


Review: 2065 Furno 2.0 The one with nothing to prove any more

Set Index: Furno 2.0

When he first appeared, William Furno was a rookie with something to prove. He even had a motorbike. Now he's a geek with big glasses.

Review: 2194 Nitroblast I love the smell of Nitro in the morning

Set Index: Nitroblast

I like the presentation of this line, especially the interesting background that isn't too distracting. I do have one complaint about this one in particular though; the right eye is glowing green... I realise that these images are always enhanced these days, but that's a case that could cause confusion and/or disappointment.

Micro Sandcrawler: My first micro MOC...

Micro Sandcrawler

I made this a few years back as part of a contest MOC;

Rotta Bedroom

I've never been a big fan of microscale, but it's something that I plan to do more of. My fist planned (4 panel) De-Classic-Space comic was going to feature some microscale MOCs, and I still plan to involve some... If I ever get around to continuing the darn thing.


The Abyss

I first posted this on Eurobricks 3 years ago as an excuse for me to change my head!

Sinner Tug
Sinner was working hard one day and it suddenly occurred to him that his life was missing something.

Sinner post
After some reflection, meditation and some tantric sex he realised what it was and wrote a letter to...


The Bogfloater

For years many people laughed at the idea of a floating dump truck. "Why would someone want that? The power needed to lift any heavy machinery like that would make it impractical. Wheels are a far better solution."

Review: 6753 Highway Transport

Welcome to my mega 6753 review! Please note that these are shown in the order I built them so I can't provide additional photos of the first two models. (Unless I have already taken it, which is possible.) First off...

Car Carrier

This is the primary model of the set and it uses the greatest percentage of parts. (No model uses all the parts.) It's sparse on details aside from the front and interior, but I think it's still a quite good looking truck.

Tales from the Tiny Star Destroyer

Pt 1 in what will probably be a 1 Part series.

Errr... excuse me Lord Vader. Have you finished? We need to use the "Meditation Chamber" too...



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