The Luvly Laady

I at last got around to adding the page for The Luvly Laady. Also, Classic-Pirates were kind enough to blog the Luvly Laady too!

Voting is going on now, but being a Sci-Fi MOC in a Pirate Forum I don't rate my chances too high! (I don't go too well in contests actually... maybe I should get a new hobby?)

Keyrings On!

I received a new order from S@H today and among other things (including the Imperial Flagship) I also got a free Atlantis key ring. It's good timing too as... old one is looking worse for wear. I'll have to try and clean up the poor little guy. I'm even considering getting some paint...


Luvly Laady Preview 3

This'll be the last preview as I'll post it on EB soonish.

Here's some interior and detail shots.

The Luvly Laady Preview 2

In this image I was experimenting with long exposures, around 10 seconds in this case. I was trying to make the lights more dominant. I succeeded there, but the rest is a bit grainy as a result. I still like the shot though.

The Luvly Laady Preview

The MOC isn't finished, but it's for a contest on Eurobricks so I'm out of time. More soon...

The latest Buzz

Long time no post, I know. I'm still sorting stuff... but I should have a new MOC in the next week. On the subject of "Buzz", he's been blogging about how backward the NASA plans for the future are. I agree with him for the most part, but I can't see it making much difference. Obama would have saved the Shuttle by now if he was interested in (and capable of) doing so.

Desperate MOC

I'm still on the road at the moment, and I've been missing my LEGO. However all is not lost. Some pieces I missed while packing and I have them with me. I used them all in this MOC.

What it actually is I can't say. It's all rather sad though...


...I'll be back!

But it won't be soon. It became clear to me last weekend that I was out of time, and highlighting the point, it took me several days to get around to posting here to say so! I'm moving in 12 days so finishing several MOCs, photographing them, and then editing the photos will take way too long and wouldn't be smart. I still have loads and loads of LEGO to pack (I'm photographing and sorting as I go) so it looks like this'll have to wait.

I'm not really surprised though; afterall, it's why I posted half a comic in the first place. But sometimes I like to be wrong...

But wait, there's worse!

For the many that think my ideas of what is Sci-Fi and what isn't are a bit extreme, it seems my views are rather moderate! I just read this blog post on and.... wow!


Secret sub-editor

The first panel was going to be this...

..but my secret sub-editor felt the "into" part was confusing and/or generally wrong. I think the whole comic is rather confusing it its semi-finished state, but I took the advice and changed it anyway.


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