REVIEW: LEGO Articulated Plush

Ever tried hugging a mini-fig? Hurts eh? Well thanks to the $25 AUD LEGO Articulated Plush you don't need to suffer any longer.

This guy is obviously a construction fig, and his hat is removable. Unfortunately only the arms are "articulated" which does limit his use.

Aside from the yellow hands he's a very close match to the real fig.

He is however better in that he has a back print and a full belt.

There's actually four in the set, but since I'd rather spend $75 on actual LEGO I just bought one. (I'd probably feel different if they had different themes... or a female.) However for completeness I took these photos at the local K-Mart where I found them.

They all have back prints; the generic guy is supposed to have a cap but it was missing.

Here's how they are supposed to be displayed. (K-Mart didn't pay me for neatening up their shelf.)

It's the perfect addition to a geeks soft toy collection!