"R" is for Ratings

I just heard via GameArena that Michael Atkinson is resigning as SA Attorney-General. This is potentially huge news for Australia. Why?

Michael Atkinson has been opposing a new R18+ rating for Australia for years, and the way the Australian system is designed all states must agree to a change. Thus we've had the unfair situation of one man holding the balence of power on this one issue. For this reason games that can't be giving a MA15+ rating are banned in Australia. He's been opposed to a R rating as he feels that since games are interactive they need to be held to a different standard to other media, such as movies.

I should note that this isn't as bad as it seems; Australia tends to rate as M games that other countries rate as R (or equivalent). But several games in the past have been banned or edited over this, and we now have a new chance of change.

I think the gamers of Australia will be be waiting with bated breath as to who replaces him...