Uncharted 2 Glitch

I was playing Uncharted 2 a while back and while I was in the Monastery level, this happened;

Uncharted 2 glitch 1
These things are so freaky. I was busy minding my own business and these guys threw a grenade at me. I hid behind a nearby shield and I suspect that caused the problem. I must have been forced back and instead of hitting a wall I fell over an "edge".

Uncharted 2 glitch 2
Something like the happened earlier in the same area. I'd just finished the car chase scene, beat the guards and I noticed the doors to the road were open. There are loads of "treasures" in the game so I though this would be a likely place. Instead I "fell" down a hole. I could climb up or down too safely. I didn't take any photos of this as I thought it was a solid glitch, but it turns out that door is never supposed to be left open!

Uncharted 2 glitch 3
On a positive note, I did learn something. While I was hanging I watched the fight for a while. Elena (one of the co-stars) kept shooting and the guys kept throwing grenades, but no one died. Darn. I could swear that she seemed to help...

Uncharted 2 glitch 4
After I no longer found it amusing I tried to climb up, but I found I couldn't, leaving me with the only option of falling to my doom.

Uncharted 2 glitch 5
Even so, it's a great game; I've played it 1.95 times... (I'm playing it on hard this time and I'm stuck on the last stage.)