852759 LEGO Ruler, How does it measure up?

Believe it or not, this has been a dream part of mine for a while, and thus I bought one of these at my earliest opportunities. As it turns out that was about six months after release and by then it was half price. (It still is.) In any case, on with the review!

Ruler, top
Here it is. The red colour is a good one as it allows black printing to be easily readable.

Ruler, bottom
The reverse side is a bit of a letdown. I think they should have found some use for it... but I must confess that I can't think of anything aside from technic ratio formulas.

Ruler Mini-fig comparison
Here it is compared to a mini-fig so you can get an idea of its size.

Ruler usage
In use. It works well for measuring axels and beams of both varieties.

Ruler, height measurement
It's less effective when using it to measure height as you can't sit it flush with the bricks. (The leading edge should have been a half-stud-gap width.)

Ruler, other applications
But the uses don't stop with LEGO; you can use it to measure anything you want!

In summary this is a great tool for measuring LEGO... but it really is at it's most useful when building technic models from PDF files. (Which is mostly why I wanted it.) In most other cases TLG either have 1:1 comparisons or have colour differences to avoid confusion. Thus I think this has very limited appeal.