When one Bulldozer loves another Bulldozer very much

Bulldozer Family Front
I was out today and I found a family of wild Bulldozers in their natural element... and look; they have a little one!

Bulldozer Family Side
Normally they are quite shy of humans so I took the chance to get some photos. Pulitzer prize for me?

Bulldozer Family Sidte Closer
Male Bulldozers are quite large. Note the ripper at the back; only mature males have these.

Bulldozers Playing
Here you can see them playing together. What a wonderful family!

City Dozer 7685
But it isn't all play being a Bulldozer; there's always work to do! Here's the female working hard...

Technic Bulldozer 8275
...and here's the male. It looks to me he's not pulling his weight!

Technic Mini Bulldozer 8259
Look; the baby is working hard too! Now where have the parents gone?

No comment
Oh! This could be a good time to leave them alone!

Note: I built 8259 Mini Bulldozer from spare parts so a few parts and colours are not the same as the actual set. The bigger Bulldozer is a stock 8275, and the medium one is the town set 7685.