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I've been really quiet here I know, and that's why I'm starting another blog that I can also ignore. A motorcycle blog! Versys is the name Versys is the game....

REVIEW: 9446 Destiny's Bounty

Set Index: 9446

Welcome to my review of the (early?) 2012 Ninjago flagship!


Review: 2145 Stormer 3.0 The rebirth of the greatest hero the world will ever know

NOTE: This review is written by our guest reviewer, Preston Stormer.

Set Index: Stormer 3.0

Review: 2144 Nex 3.0 Sabre Toothed Soldier

Set Index: Nex 3.0

Grrr! Nex is back and this time he bites!

Review: 2282 Rocka XL Supersize Me

Set Index: Rocka XL

Review: 2231 Waspix... he has plans!

Set Index: Waspix

Posted Image
The face of Waspix reminds me a lot of Waspinator, which gives him an unfair advantage in this review!


Brickbeard was almost out of luck. The 'Bounty suffered major keel damage when he was forced to take her over a reef to escape from the new Imperial Flagship. (How dare they get a bigger ship?!) Unable to pay the cost of repairs he made a gamble; using all his hoarded treasure he'd buy a smaller ship and go back to his roots as a smuggler to raise the gold. With him he took none of his old crew, and at short notice he found he had slim pickings.


Photos of Sydney LEGOLAND Aquarium... sort of!

The group that owns the LEGOLAND parks, Merlin Entertainments now own Sydney Aquarium. As a possible precursor to this deal, in late October a new sub attraction called LEGO on the Loose appeared at Sydney Wildlife World and Sydney Aquarium.


MOC: "Forager" Mech at a Garden Party

"Forager" class mechs are heavily used by the Classics as a light enforcement tool. Protesters? Send in a Forager. Hostage crisis? Send in a Forager. Drug smugglers? Send in a few Foragers. Tax evasion? Send in a Forager... OK, maybe not then. Maybe...

Review: Hero Factory 2011 (First wave) A recap and final thoughts

After about ten years of Bionicle TLG decided a refresh was needed, and ]Hero Factory was founded. But I must confess that as the Heroes went I was very unimpressed.


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